Much Anticipated State Route 690 Four Lane Open in Obion County


The much anticipated opening of the new State Route 690 loop in Obion County is now open for travel.

After multiple projects over a decade, and an investment of over $220 million dollars, the Tennessee Department of Transportation removed their barricades on Wednesday morning.

Obion County Mayor Steve Carr was given the first ceremonial ride on the new section of four lane.

Mayor Carr told Thunderbolt News the opening of the road will lead to new growth in Obion County.(AUDIO)


Upon its completion south to U.S. 51, and north to join with Kentucky, the section of roadway will be officially designated as I-69.

(Obion County Mayor Steve Carr (l) and Tennessee Department of Transportation Team Lead Matt Ketchum (r) on State Route 690 moments before traffic was allowed to use the four lane section….photo – Charles Choate – 104.9 KYTN/105.7 WQAK)

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