COVID-19 Numbers for Northwest Tennessee on Tuesday

The State of Tennessee has surpassed the 600,000 mark for total cases of COVID-19.

A report from the Tennessee Department of Health on Tuesday showed 617,649 positive cases recorded, with 7,267 deaths during the pandemic period.

The largest total number of cases statewide has come from those in the age group of 21-to-30, with almost 113,000.

In Tuesday’s report, Obion County is approaching the 4,000 mark, with 3,749.

The report showed 283 active cases in Obion County with 73 deaths.

In Weakley County, 3,198 total cases were reported, with 268 considered active and 45 deaths.

Dyer County’s report indicated 379 active cases and 77 deaths, with Lake County showing 99 active cases and 15 deaths.

The highest numbers in Northwest Tennessee come from Gibson County, with a total of 5,218 cases.

Tuesday’s report showed 491 active cases and 95 deaths from those who have tested positive for the virus.

Charles Choate