COVID-19 Vaccinations Underway at Fulton County

 COVID-19 Vaccinations Underway at Fulton County

Vaccinations for COVID-19 have started in Fulton County.

On Monday, Emergency Management Director J.L. Atwill told Thunderbolt News about the current status of the vaccination process.(AUDIO)



Kentucky’s plan was to begin with healthcare officials, first responders and now residents aged 70-and-above.

Atwill said he was glad that local citizens are now receiving their shots, but it was unclear if larger numbers of the vaccine would be arriving.(AUDIO)


With a population of approximately 6,000 residents, Atwill said at this time, the county has seen low numbers of positive coronavirus cases.(AUDIO)


As of Monday, Fulton County was reporting 28 active cases of the virus.

Charles Choate