FCTA temporary changes

Fulton County Transit Authority will be temporarily suspending our Amtrak service beginning Tuesday.

Also, FCTA will be temporarily limiting hours of operation to 6 a.m. until 6 p.m. daily. 

“We will only have one Demand Response driver in the Fulton County area and one Demand Response Driver in the Mayfield/Graves County area,” said Kenney Etherton, FCTA Executive Director. “The general public can expect delays in Demand Response service, but FCTA will do our very best to ensure that we provide ridership.”

FCTA will continue to perform some types of medical services.

“We will be performing life-sustaining trips such as dialysis, cancer treatments and wound care,” Etherton said. 

The Executive Director was careful to reiterate that the reductions of services are temporary in nature and will be lifted as soon as the COVID19 outbreak has subsided.  

“We apologize for any inconveniences, but FCTA is working hard at doing our part in protecting our riders and staff,” Etherton added.

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