Gleason man jailed for assaulting victims with a shotgun

 Gleason man jailed for assaulting victims with a shotgun

A Gleason man is in jail, accused of hitting two victims in the head with the butt of a shotgun.

49-year-old Mark Edward Roberts was arrested after Weakley County Sheriff’s Deputy Mason Wortham was called to a residence on Wards Chapel Road where two victims said Roberts threw a crowbar through their back glass door, entered the home, and then hit both of them with the butt of a shotgun. The male victim had a laceration behind his right ear, while the female victim was bleeding from the nose and lip.

At Roberts’ residence next door, Deputies Wortham and Zach Brock tried to talk with him, but he wouldn’t come out, and slammed the door.

Deputy Wortham then kicked in the door, and with his taser drawn, followed Roberts through the house as Roberts refused verbal commands, until eventually he deployed his taser and Roberts was subdued and handcuffed by Deputy Brock.

The crowbar was recovered in the victims’ home, while the loaded shotgun was recovered in Roberts’ residence.

Roberts is being held in the Weakley County Jail on two counts of Aggravated Assault, Especially Aggravated Burglary, Vandalism, Possession of a Firearm during a Felony, and Resisting Arrest.