Greenfield Football Player Airlifted During Game

 Greenfield Football Player Airlifted During Game


Greenfield football player Blake Rodehaver was airlifted to Vanderbilt Hospital during last night’s game against South Fulton after a “medical event” took place on the football field.

In a Facebook post, the family said Rodehaver will continue to undergo tests and thanked all who prayed for their son last night and ask for continued prayers.

With 2:05 remaining on the clock and Greenfield leading over South Fulton, 20-14, Rodehaver went down on the sidelines to which Medical professionals and others immediately responded, beginning emergency treatment.

A Weakley County ambulance arrived, and, a short time later, the senior football player was airlifted to Vanderbilt.

The game was soon stopped and declared a “no contest.”

While Rodehaver was being treated, fans from both Greenfield and South Fulton joined in prayer several times from the press box and on the radio.

Greenfield Principal Jeff Cupples and Coach Russ Brown thanked the thousands listening on radio and those who were in the stadium for the incredible support by praying for Rodehaver.

During Coaches Corner this morning, Coach Brown added…


Katie Capua