Greenfield residents to vote on aldermen referendum in November

 Greenfield residents to vote on aldermen referendum in November

Voters in Greenfield will decide if they want to be represented by eight aldermen or six after the Greenfield City Board Tuesday night failed to pass a motion to keep the number of aldermen at eight.

In her reasoning of dropping the number of those on the board from eight to six, Alderwoman Karen Campbell gave three specific reasons.

Before making a motion to keep eight aldermen on the board, Alderman James Roy Pope told the board….

After the motion failed with a four to four tie vote, Alderman Mark Galey made a motion to put the decision into the hands of Greenfield citizens with a referendum.

When that motion tied in a four to four vote, Mayor Cindy McAdams cast the tie-breaking vote in favor of a referendum.

Vice Mayor Thomas Tansil told the board that he’d been in contact with Weakley County Election Administrator Alex Britt about a possible referendum.

Tansil also said having the referendum in an election period would not be a cost to the City of Greenfield.

In a phone call with Thunderbolt Radio News after the meeting, Greenfield City Attorney Beau Pemberton said he will be working on the language of the referendum to prepare it for the November 2020 election.