“Hands Free Tennessee” law in effect today

The new “Hands Free Law” goes into effect in Tennessee today.

The name of the law basically describes it; drivers will not be able to hold a mobile device in their hand or against any part of their body beginning today.

This means no more recording or broadcasting videos while driving and no more holding your phone as you use turn-by-turn directions.

One elected state official has voiced his opinion on the law.

State Representative Andy Holt of Dresden says the new law is an overreach.

According to the Hands Free Tennessee website, last year there were over 24,600 crashes involving distracted drivers, roughly 67 crashes a day, and the state had the highest rate of distracting driving deaths, according to a recent study.

Cellphones can still be used while driving to speak to emergency agencies if it is a true emergency that “threatens human health, life or property, and voice-to-text technology and hands-free devices are still allowed.”

Drivers may still use Bluetooth-technology with headphones, earpiece, or have it play through the vehicle’s audio system.