Heavy Rainfall Causes Area Flooding

 Heavy Rainfall Causes Area Flooding

Heavy rainfall has caused flooding issues in many spots around the Ken-Tenn area. High winds are now an issue, with a Wind Warning in effect. (photos: Charles Choate – 104.9 KYTN/105.7 WQAK)

As predicted by the National Weather Service, heavy rainfall has caused flooding issues in the local Ken-Tenn area.

Union City weather watcher Brent Callicott reported just under four inches of rain fell during the passage of the storm front.

Many roads and ditches have been covered with water, with the Fulton County and Fulton Independent School Systems forced to cancel classes today.

Flooding issues have also effected both Fulton and South Fulton, with roads closed due to high water.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet reported multiple road closures in Fulton, Carlisle, Ballard, McCracken and Hickman County due to flooding.

Weather Service officials are now concerned with the possibility of winds up to 60-miles per hour this afternoon, which could down trees and power lines.

Forecasters also say temperatures will drop to the upper 40’s by 4:00 this afternoon.

Charles Choate