Inky Johnson Gives Hope During Pandemic

 Inky Johnson Gives Hope During Pandemic





Former Tennessee Volunteer football player Inky Johnson gave 104.5 The Zone’s 3HL broadcast in Nashville some advice on making it through these difficult times.


Johnson started by describing his road to the University of Tennessee.



Johnson became a sure-NFL Draft pick coming into his junior year at UT in 2006.  However, late in the Week 2 matchup against Air Force, Johnson made a tackle that changed his life forever.



Johnson described the next few hours he experienced at a Knoxville hospital.



With sports now on an indefinite suspension, Johnson told about what he misses from his career.



Johnson gave some advice on how to make a positive out of the world’s current situation.



Johnson went on to describe his emotion when he found out about doctors and nurses using his story to help battle the pandemic.





Skylar McCroskey