Kentucky to Lift All COVID-19 Restrictions

 Kentucky to Lift All COVID-19 Restrictions

The Commonwealth of Kentucky will lift all COVID-19 restrictions and mask mandates on June 11th.

Governor Andy Beshear made the announcement following recent news from the Center for Disease Control.

CDC reports state individuals, who have been vaccinated, no longer need to wear masks or socially distance from others, and can begin to return to life as normal.

Governor Beshear said he encourages residents to have a mask in their possession, due to some businesses and establishments that could require them, such as hospitals and airplanes.

Residents who have not received their vaccinations are being urged to take advantage of ample supplies of Moderna, Phizer and Johnson and Johnson vaccine across the state.

With the news, the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce said they were excited that businesses will soon fully reopen, and normal operations will return.

Charles Choate