Legends of Thunderbolt honored by TAB

 Legends of Thunderbolt honored by TAB



The Tennessee Association of Broadcasters honored two legends of the Thunderbolt Radio and Digital family this week in Murfreesboro.

After President and General Manager Paul Tinkle was inducted Tuesday into the Tennessee Journalism Hall of Fame, Programming and Music Consultant Terry Hailey was honored Wednesday with the TAB Distinguished Service Award.

The TAB defines eligible Distinguished Service Award recipients as broadcasters who have made a significant and lasting contribution to the American system of broadcasting industry as well as to the community in which they live.

Hailey has been a longtime broadcaster in the Ken-Tenn area and was surprised by the award, as well as by this family, who kept his award secret in order to surprise him at Wednesday’s ceremony.

Thunderbolt Radio and Digital is proud of the accomplishments and distinguished honors received by both Paul Tinkle and Terry Hailey, and their commitment to local radio and the community.