Martin Police investigate verbal threats on Weakley County School bus

 Martin Police investigate verbal threats on Weakley County School bus

A Westview High School student is charged with assault following verbal threats Friday morning on a Weakley County School bus.

Martin Assistant Police Chief Phillip Fuqua says around 7:45 Friday morning, Martin Police officers responded to Westview in reference to a student possibly threatening another student on a bus with a possible weapon being present.

At the school, SRO Cody Stewart detained the student with officers implementing a search for weapons throughout the building, the bus, and the suspect’s personal items, but no weapon was found.

Assistant Chief Fuqua says following an investigation by the Criminal Investigations Division and other members of the Martin Police Department, it was determined that a weapon was not involved in the incident and that it consisted of verbal threats only.

As a result of the investigation, Fuqua says the accused student will be petitioned to Weakley County Juvenile Court on the charge of simple assault and the Weakley County School System will be handling potential administrative actions.

In a statement released Friday, Assistant Chief Fuqua said, “I would like to thank all Westview High School administration, faculty and staff members for their assistance and quick actions in this matter. I would also like to thank the community as a whole for their cooperation as well. The mission of the Martin Police Department and the members of the Weakley County School system is to provide a safe environment for our children to attend and learn. We will continue to respond and investigate any type of threats of violence anytime we receive information.”