More in-person classes planned for UT Martin in the fall

 More in-person classes planned for UT Martin in the fall

Students attending UT Martin this fall can expect a more traditional college experience as the university announced Wednesday that it plans to expand in-person classes to open the semester.

Plans for more in-person classes and a more traditional opening at the main campus and five regional centers coincide with increased COVID-19 vaccine availability and improving pandemic conditions in Tennessee.

UT Martin regional centers are located in Jackson, Parsons, Selmer, Somerville, and Ripley.

“Many have worked hard to bring us to a better place in this pandemic, and UT Martin is ready to take the next steps toward normal university operations,” said UT Martin Chancellor Keith Carver. “We’re also realistic that conditions can change, so we’ll prepare to change direction if conditions warrant. Safety remains our top priority.”

The university will continue to follow recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Tennessee Department of Health, and the University of Tennessee System for maintaining maximum safety.