New full-page utility billing in Martin

 New full-page utility billing in Martin

The City of Martin is now implementing a full-page size (8.5×11) utility bill enclosed in an #10 reverse white envelope.

The return address on the envelope is marked City of Martin.

In a statement released Monday, Mayor Randy Brundige says the new utility billing allows the city to provide a better service to residents, adding that the U.S. Postal Service had encouraged the City of Martin to make the change to its utility billing to coordinate with its processing systems, reducing the amount of damaged and lost mail.

According to the release, the Mayor, Board of Aldermen, and city staffers have been approached by citizens regarding the need to convert to a full-page utility bill due to the issues that several residents have had with damaged and lost postcard bills.

City of Martin residents are asked to be on the lookout for their new utility bill in their mailbox.