New solid waste provider for Weakley County

 New solid waste provider for Weakley County

Weakley County will have a new solid waste pickup provider beginning December 1.

Weakley County Government went out for bid for the Solid Waste Franchise Agreement in March as the current contract with Republic will be expiring November 30, 2023.

The county received two bids for the contract; one from RaeKar at $17.95/month and the other from Republic at $20.95/month.

The Weakley County Public Safety Committee awarded the franchise agreement to RaeKar, which offered the lowest price for citizens.

The franchise agreement is a three-year contract granting exclusive operating rights within the county.

Weakley County Government enters into this agreement in order to ensure every citizen has the opportunity to contract with the awardee and take part in their services if they wish.

To make the transition as seamless as possible, RaeKar has begun collecting the following information from all county households: name, address, phone number, email address, day that your trash is currently picked up (if applicable), and bill payment information. County residents can submit this information via any of the following: phone call (931-722-6186), website ( or using the QR code on the post card county residents received in the mail.

For any questions regarding the transition of your service or other services RaeKar offers, contact them at 931-722-6186 or submit a form on RaeKar’s website.