Officers Concerned With Possible Lesser Charges from Child Sex Sting

 Officers Concerned With Possible Lesser Charges from Child Sex Sting

Lewis Harris of Memphis…(photo by Obion County Jail)

Abraham Labastida of Murray…(photo by Obion County Jail)



Law enforcement officers with the Obion County Sheriff’s Office say they are disappointed with possible lesser plea agreements for those arrested in a recent child sex sting.

Five men from Tennessee and Kentucky were arrested on Class-B felony charges of trafficking for commercial sex acts, following a two day operation on March 5th and 6th in Union City.

52 year old Lewis Harris, of Memphis, and 28 year old Abraham Labastida, of Murray, will be the first to appear in General Sessions Court this morning.

Sheriff’s Office Investigator Angie Taylor, who is also a Task Force Agent for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, told Thunderbolt News that officers involved in the case are concerned with possible misdemeanor plea agreements for those taken into custody.(AUDIO)

Ms. Taylor said it was learned that some of those taken into custody were not new at seeking sex acts with minors.(AUDIO)


Ms. Taylor said the operations officers with the TBI Task Force, Homeland Security, Obion County Sheriffs Office and Union City Police Department are hoping for the strongest punishment for those arrested.(AUDIO)


District Attorney General Tommy Thomas told Thunderbolt News the charges against the five men have not been dropped, but plea agreement negotiations are ongoing.

Attorney Thomas said the cases are still active.

Charles Choate