Repairs Continue at Water Damaged Obion County Schools

 Repairs Continue at Water Damaged Obion County Schools

Repairs continue at three Obion County Schools, due to damage sustained from bursting water pipes in December….

Water damage repairs to Black Oak, Hillcrest and Ridgemont schools continues.

Obion County Director of School’s, Tim Watkins, said things are getting closer to normal, following damage from broken water pipes and sprinkler systems during the Christmas break.

The damage came following the passing of the Arctic cold front on December 23rd, which dropped actual temperatures below zero, with wind chills near 20-below zero.

Following the thawing and bursting of the pipes on December 26th, Director Watkins said repairs have been ongoing at each location.(AUDIO)


The Director said a total cost of all damages has not been established, but insurance was covering the needed repairs.(AUDIO)


Director Watkins said plans and ideas are also being studied to help prevent the same situation, should the same type weather system move through the area again.

Charles Choate