Rural Partners Network Conference Held Wednesday in Fulton

 Rural Partners Network Conference Held Wednesday in Fulton

The Rural Partners Network conference took place Wednesday at the Pontotoc Center in Fulton.Local, federal and state officials were on hand to discuss the planning stages of the program for Fulton County and South Fulton…(photos: Charles Choate – 104.9 KYTN/105.7 WQAK)

Approximately 100 people were in attendance Wednesday in Fulton, to hear discussion on the Rural Partners Network.

The Network is an initiative by the Biden/Harris Administration, that partners with rural people to access resources and funding to create local jobs, build infrastructure, and support long-term economic stability.

In Kentucky, Fulton County was selected in the first announcements nationwide, with South Fulton included in the program.

Dr. Corey Wiggins, the Federal Co-Chairman with Delta Regional Authority in Mississippi, told Thunderbolt News about the advantage of the partnership.(AUDIO)


Dr. Wiggins said the dedicated planning efforts by local officials, could result in major rewards in the future.(AUDIO)


Photos from Wednesday’s conference at the Pontotoc Community Center have been placed on our website at

Charles Choate