Tennessee gas prices drop nine cents

 Tennessee gas prices drop nine cents

For the first time in five weeks, Tennessee’s average gas price moved less expensive.

Over last week gas prices declined nine cents, on average, to $3.19 which is 20 cents more expensive than one month ago and nearly six cents more than one year ago.

Henry, Weakley, and Obion Counties have the top three lowest average gas prices in the state with motorists paying $2.91 in Henry County, $3.05 in Weakley County, and $3.07 in Obion County.

Elsewhere in Northwest Tennessee, it’s $3.08 in Carroll County, $3.10 in Dyer County, $3.12 in Lake County, and $3.14 in Gibson County.

AAA Tennessee spokeswoman Megan Cooper says, “Right now, a combination of domestic and global factors are working together to place downward pressure on pump prices. However, keep in mind that the market remains volatile. This week, barring any big changes in the crude oil market, it’s likely Tennesseans will continue to see pump prices fluctuate lower.”