Tennessee gas prices rise 13 cents

 Tennessee gas prices rise 13 cents

Tennessee gas price increases slowed over the weekend, but not before rising an average of 13 cents in the early parts of last week.

The state’s average gas price is now $3.28 per gallon. Tennessee gas prices have risen 40 cents since January 1 and are the most expensive pump prices we’ve seen since mid-November.

Henry County has the least expensive gas prices in the state, averaging $3.09 per gallon.

Elsewhere, it’s $3.16 in Dyer County, $3.19 in Carroll and Obion Counties, $3.20 in Gibson and Weakley Counties, and $3.23 in Lake County.

AAA Tennessee spokeswoman Megan Cooper says, “We typically don’t see big gains in gas prices so early in the year, however, that’s exactly what Tennessee drivers have seen so far this month. Right now, we’re still seeing upward pressure in the oil market thanks to increased demand, higher global oil prices, and ongoing market optimism that global oil demand could be more robust than expected in 2023.” Cooper adds, “It’s difficult to predict when increasing prices across the state will come to an end, but as we head into this week it’s likely that Tennesseans will continue to see fluctuating prices at the pump.”