Union City School Board Chairman Steps Down from Position

 Union City School Board Chairman Steps Down from Position

Longtime Union City School Board member, and Chairman Karl Ullrich, (right) has been forced to leave the position because of a city charter rule…..(photo: Charles Choate – 104.9 KYTN/105.7 WQAK)

Union City’s School Board Chairman has stepped down from the position.

City Manager Kathy Dillon told Thunderbolt News that Karl Ullrich was forced to leave the board due to wording in the city charter.

Ms. Dillon said she was just recently made aware of the reading, which states a school board member cannot be a state, county or city employee.

Ullrich is the Fire Chief in Union City, and has almost 24 years of service in the department.

He had served on the school board for the last 14 years, and as the Chairman since 2017.

Union City Director of School’s Wes Kennedy said Ullrich was a tremendous asset to the school board and school system.(AUDIO)


Director Kennedy said the sudden loss of the Chairman was disappointing.(AUDIO)


The process will now begin to fill the open seat.(AUDIO)


Charles Choate