Union City Woman Injured by Accidental Gunshot

 Union City Woman Injured by Accidental Gunshot

Union City police were called to assist a Union City woman, who was injured by an accidental gunshot.

Police reports said officers were called to an apartment on Stone Street, where 20 year old Kinley Anne Speed had been shot in both legs.

Reports said 20 year old Tristan Dakota Long told police that he accidentally shot his girlfriend while looking at his Glock .9-milimeter gun.

Long told officers the accident occurred while he was sitting on the couch, with Ms. Speed lying on the couch with her legs over his lap.

While looking at the gun, Long said he dropped it, and accidentally hit the trigger while catching it.

Police reports said the officer observed entry and exit wounds to both legs, with Long already applying a makeshift tourniquet, and Ms. Speed applying pressure with a towel.

Ms. Speed was flown to a Memphis hospital for treatment, and was expected to make a full recovery.

Charles Choate