Update on Thursday bus crash in Dresden

 Update on Thursday bus crash in Dresden

Weakley County Schools has released a statement and update on Thursday’s accident involving a school bus and pick-up truck.

The statement is below in its entirety…

Weakley County Schools Grateful for Staff, Community Response to Bus Accident

For Release:  Immediately                                                   Contact:  Lorna E. Benson


Dresden, TN…Parents, a local driver and school officials are thankful an accident involving a Weakley County Schools bus, which occurred Thursday afternoon, was no worse than it was.  The accident, which happened on Main Street, near TJ’s Market, caused no life threatening injuries.  Director of Schools, Randy Frazier confirmed that two ambulances responded immediately and began the process of evaluating all on board.  “Administrators and staff from each of our schools came to the site and began the process of identifying the students on the bus; they then immediately began the process of contacting parents and guardians.”  Frazier commented that some parents began arriving at the accident site quickly.  “The parents that came to the accident site were supportive and, for the most part, understood our interest in wanting each child evaluated by medical staff before we released them.”

Frazier went on to say that response personnel, which included The Dresden Police Department, the Dresden Fire Department, Weakley County Sheriff’s deputies and the Tennessee Highway Patrol, need to be recognized for the way in which they worked to secure the scene and assess needs.

The director of schools also went on to say that the owner of TJ’s, Danny Patel, “…went out of his way to help us; he allowed us to shelter students and family in his store and, when he learned that some students were thirsty and hungry, gave them all something to eat and drink.”  Frazier said Patel’s acts of kindness helped calm the students a great deal. “Several adults, including myself, offered to pay for everything but Mr. Patel wouldn’t hear of it.  His generosity is really appreciated and was an excellent example of compassion for all those children.”

Frazier said that school administrators followed up with families last night to see how they were doing and that they would be keeping a watch on students at school.  “While one of our students was ultimately transported to the hospital, they were released and sent home later Thursday evening.  Our school nurses, teachers and other staff will follow the children who were on the bus and will stay in touch with the families as needed.”

While some parents came to the accident site to pick up their child, other children still needed to be transported home by bus.  Frazier said his Supervisor of Transportation, Ron Byington, personally walked students to the door of their home and spoke with parents or guardians. “Because responding to an accident of this type takes an unpredictable amount of time, Ron wanted to answer any questions that he could and assure parents that we take our students’ safety seriously.”