Voucher bill narrowly passes House, public educators disappointed

The House of Representatives narrowly approved Governor Bill Lee’s school voucher legislation Tuesday, disappointing public educators across the state.

The school voucher-style program approved by the House would provide public money for parents who take a student from their school district and allow them to spend the funds on private school or other education-related expenses.

Weakley County Director of Schools Randy Frazier has voiced his concerns about the bill since it was first proposed.

The bill passed after a 40-minute deadlock where the vote was held open at 49-49.

Representative Jason Zachary of Knoxville, cast the tie-breaker, switching from an initial no vote on the measure to later casting a vote in favor of the bill, which Frazier thought was interesting.

Frazier also explained the difference between the House version and the Senate version of the bill.

The Senate takes up the voucher bill Thursday morning in Nashville.