Weakley County announces plans for Bicentennial celebration

 Weakley County announces plans for Bicentennial celebration

Weakley County Mayor Jake Bynum joins community partners and leaders in announcing plans to celebrate Weakley County’s Bicentennial celebration this year.

Mayor Bynum recently met with representatives of all the county’s communities to establish a Weakley County Bicentennial Steering Committee. The committee is made up of a diverse group of individuals from across the county who are planning a celebration schedule to commemorate 200 years of Weakley County.

Planning is underway to organize a schedule of events that will take place throughout the year that will highlight the county’s history, culture, and bright future. The committee is partnering with libraries and historians, officials, leaders, educators, and members of the community to honor the county’s two centuries and mark the special milestone.

The Bicentennial will be celebrated throughout the year leading up to a full week of special events ending with a large celebration on the County’s 200th anniversary, October 21, 2023, on the Courthouse lawn in Dresden.

Mayor Bynum believes it’s an exciting time to live in Weakley County.

“Weakley County’s Bicentennial showcases the rich history of our region. An event like this happens once in a lifetime,” said Mayor Bynum. “We are honored to celebrate two hundred years of successes, challenges, changes, triumphs, and the inspirational people who worked hard to make our county the special place that it is today. This is both a time to reflect on our past and look forward to the future of Weakley County.”

The Bicentennial Steering Committee of volunteers are Tommy Moore, James Roy Pope, Melinda Goode, Ann Marie Norrid, Brad Thompson, Ashley Pinkston, Jimmy Westbrook, Rachel Lovell, April Jones, Nathan Morgan, Hannah Alexander, Gary Eddings, Ty Smithson, Paul Tinkle, Michelle Clements, Lori Mathis, Angie Hewett, Robert Nunley, Danny Donaldson, Joyce Washington, Mike Rea, June Kemp, Vera Shanklin, Tara Tansil-Gentry, Erica Moore, Aline Roberts, Erik Nordberg, Lauren Griffin, Gary Roberts, Denise Boane, and Maria Lackey

A tentative schedule detailing upcoming events will be shared soon via social media, @WeakleyCountyBicentennial on Facebook, and on the Weakley County Website, weakleycountytn.gov/bicentennial.

The Bicentennial Steering Committee invites all individuals who are interested in sponsoring this momentous occasion to email [email protected] and submit all other questions and inquiries to [email protected].