Weakley County Schools wins Sustainable Transportation Award

 Weakley County Schools wins Sustainable Transportation Award

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, in partnership with the Tennessee Department of Transportation, announced the winners of the 2019 Tennessee Sustainable Transportation Awards this week.

Weakley County Schools Communications Director Karen Campbell says Weakley County Schools’ adoption of propane school buses was one of seven initiatives recognized and the only rural-based example.

In recognizing the strides WCS has made, officials noted the county’s commitment of significant resources toward the implementation of clean, efficient energy throughout the school system.

The project started with building-level initiatives such as an LED lighting conversion, an HVAC and insulation system update, and the adoption of a school recycling program.

This initiative has since expanded to the vehicle fleet through the adoption of propane-powered school buses.

School Transportation Director Ron Byington credited Federal Programs Director Betsi Foster’s efforts as key for the strides made thus far.

Approximately $370,000 received from grants has netted five propane buses and the anticipated purchase of seven additional buses in the next two years.

Foster notes that not only is clean fuel better for student and community health, the buses also are estimated to save more than $24,000 per bus throughout the life of the vehicle.