Weakley County Virtual School extends registration deadline

 Weakley County Virtual School extends registration deadline

The Weakley County Virtual School is extending its registration deadline until May 28.

“The number of activities surrounding the close of a school year can be a distraction, and we didn’t want families to miss out on the opportunity to provide for their children in 2021-22,” said Betsi Foster, the Weakley County Schools staff person assigned to work with WCVS Principal Krystle Smith.

“We also know that home school high school students might be particularly interested in the customized online courses we will be offering and want to make sure that those families have been notified of the new school,” she added.

WCVS will be daily online classes led by certified teachers in core subjects and will follow the timing of a typical school day. Classes will be available for students from kindergarten to grade 12 who are currently enrolled in MDE or a home school. Laptops and headsets will be provided.

Enrollment in the new virtual school is limited.

To be eligible, students must reside in Weakley County and have reliable internet access or a strong cell service. Current MDE and home school students will receive priority placement. Other applicants will be considered on a case-by-case basis by Randy Frazier, director of Weakley County Schools.

Applications for Weakley County Virtual School are now available at https://tinyurl.com/wcvirtualschoolapply.

Applications must be received by May 28 and applying does not ensure acceptance into the program.