Rives Flooding photos and update from Cole Bizwell


For those living in, wondering about, or concerned about the flooding in Rives:

— As of today, the Levy which holds water back has completely broke in 3 locations.

–Current Stage of the Obion river (measured in Obion, as the rives sensor is lacking data) is 37.04 Feet. This is as of 5:00 PM Tuesday.

–From now until midday Thursday, the River will rise an additional foot approximately, and will crest at 38 Feet. It is predicted to stay this level for the whole day, until it slowly begins receding.

–Flood stage of the river is 34 feet, and in the well-known flood of 1997, the river reached 39.6 feet.

–Due to the Levy failure, water will continue to rise as stated above for the next few days. This is because under normal conditions, the levy holds water back in the event the river flows over, otherwise known as flood stage. In this event, the levy has broke, thus it cannot hold the still-rising river back. As such, flooding in rives is predicted to maintain steady at least or continue to rise. This is also why it appeared to be much less of a flood this morning, and much higher (and scarier) now.

–LET IT BE KNOWN that most, if not ALL roads in, coming into, and leaving Rives already are or WILL BE flooded. And not shallowly either. The highway which runs through the town has been blocked off/barricaded, too. Most houses however should be okay, though water will reach up to the porch.

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