Memphis fugitive captured in Union City after attempted murder in Dresden

A federal fugitive from Memphis was captured in Union City early Saturday morning after shooting a man in Dresden and holding his elderly mother at gunpoint.

Dresden Police Chief Steve Howe says after an eight hour manhunt, 27-year-old Keylon Deandre Weaver, of Memphis, was captured by the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Recovery Task Force and the Union City Police Department at the Magnum Inn in Union City around 2:00 Saturday morning.

Chief Howe says the manhunt began after Weaver kicked in the door of a house on Rucker Drive in Dresden and shot Mark Hoy in the neck.

Weaver then held Hoy’s 84-year-old mother at gunpoint and demanded Hoy give him all the cash he had.

Chief Howe says Hoy handed over $2,000 dollars and Weaver fled the scene on foot.

Howe says Weaver was a federal fugitive and had just been released from prison.

In Weakley County, Weaver is charged with Second Degree Attempted Murder and Aggravated Burglary. Other federal charges against Weaver will also be issued.



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