WK&T awarded $2M in broadband grants to build fiber network in Henry Co.

WK&T has been awarded $2 million under the Broadband Accessibility Grant to build a fiber network in Henry County.

WK&T will match these funds, investing a total of more than $4 million.

The project calls for building a fiber network in two areas of Henry County. One area lies east of Highway 79 and west of Kentucky Lake, while the second area is west of Highway 79 and northeast of Paris.

Henry County Mayor Brent Greer says the grant positions Henry County for other job-creating opportunities in the years to come, and that residents and businesses in rural Henry County deserve the same quality of internet service offered in metropolitan areas.

Many residents in the affected communities submitted testimony to support the grant application, citing how a lack of reliable broadband negatively impacts their quality of life in areas such as education, business opportunities, health care, family, and safety.

When completed, the network will make high-speed broadband internet access available to 912 homes.

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