Shoplifting arrests at Martin Walmart

Two out-of-town women are facing shoplifting charges in separate incidents at Martin Walmart.

In the first incident, just before midnight last Monday night, 33-year-old Kelly Wallace, of Holladay, was arrested by Martin Police Patrolman Adam Harrison after leaving the store with over $200 dollars in stolen items.

Wallace is charged with Shoplifting along with Failure to Appear after missing court Thursday.

The second incident took place Thursday night when Patrolman James Brown was called to the Martin Walmart location after 41-year-old Bessie Lorrane Cherry, of Halls, was seen leaving the store with nearly $300 dollars in stolen items.

It was also learned Cherry had been banned from Walmart after an incident the previous week at the Humboldt Walmart.

Cherry is charged with Shoplifting and Criminal Trespassing.

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