Veteran officer Robby Orsborne hired as SRO at UC Middle School

A long-time veteran of the Union City Police Department has been hired as the new SRO for Union City Middle School.

Union City Schools Communications Director Mike Hutchens says Robby Orsborne, a 25-year veteran of the Union City Police Department, was the top choice of Union City Schools administration for the position.

The hiring of Orsborne gives Union City Schools an SRO on every campus, with veteran law enforcement officers Raphe Whaley (UCHS) and Stephanie Marshall (UCES) already on staff.

The 50-year-old Orsborne, who had two daughters graduate from the Union City system and is the son of two school teachers himself, is excited about a new role in his law enforcement career.

Orsborne said, “It’s a chance to influence kids, a chance to be a mentor. I’ll be an authority figure, but, hopefully, one the kids feel like they can trust and come to with whatever issues they might have. I certainly plan on being approachable.

“I know it takes a special person to deal with both parents and teachers, but I believe it can be done fairly and in a positive way.”

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