Ned Ray McWherter would be 89 today

Former Tennessee Governor Ned Ray McWherter would be 89 today.

McWherter was born in Palmersville in 1930 and was elected to the State House in 1968 and served a record seven terms as Speaker of the House.

In 1986, Weakley County and the State of Tennessee elected McWherter as governor, where roads and education where the priorities of his administration.

At the dedication ceremony of his statue at the Weakley County Courthouse, McWherter thanked those who supported him during his time in public office.

During that same speech, McWherter reflected on his time in Weakley County and the character of its residents.

McWherter also touched on the legacy of his office and the integrity with which his cabinet served.

Ned Ray McWherter passed away in 2011.

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