Safety improvements planned for intersections along US 45 at KY 408 and KY 1288

Safety improvements are being planned along US 45 at the intersection with KY 408 in northern Graves County and the intersection with KY 1288 in southern McCracken County.

According to KYTC District 1 Chief Engineer Kyle Poat, both of the intersections have an elevated crash rate and that the planned improvement design has a proven track record for reducing crashes similar to those seen at the two locations.

During the project development process, the design team reviewed five years of crash data from both sites.

The US 45/KY 408 intersection just north of Mayfield in Graves County had 36 police-reported crashes resulting in a total of 10 injuries.

The US 45/KY 1288 intersection just south of Lone Oak in McCracken County had 19 police-reported crashes, including two fatalities and six injuries.

With planning completed, the project is expected to be bid in spring 2020 with construction at each intersection expected to take about 45 days to complete once work starts.

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