Better Business Bureau warns of clickbait in wake of Kobe Bryant death

The Better Business Bureau of the Mid-South is warning basketball fans about possible clickbait in the wake of Kobe Bryant’s death.

Bureau spokesperson Nancy Crawford says the tragic death of the former NBA star is likely to generate scams exploiting fans’ eagerness for information and memorabilia and that the Better Business Bureau has seen this happen numerous times in the past when celebrities have died unexpectedly.

Crawford says fans should be on the lookout for scams mentioning the Lakers’ star and his daughter, such as clickbait.

Clickbait is a sensationalized post about trending news items highlighting exclusive, breaking, or urgent news inciting people to, quite literally, click on it.

Crawford says the description uses words like “amazing,” “shocking” or “never seen before footage.” Once clicked, you may land on a site that could allow cyber criminals to hijack your account or download malware to your device to steal your personal information.

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