Day 3 of L.H. Ladd Memorial Baseball Classic in Union City


Day 3 of the L.H. Ladd Memorial Baseball Classic will include six games on the schedule.

Play will begin at 10:00 this morning at Elam Stadium, with Carlisle County facing Bradford.

At 11:00 on Thompson Field, Union City will play Madison Academic.

At Elam Stadium at 12:15, Halls will face Trenton Peabody, followed by:

Halls playing Ballard Memorial at 2:30

Obion County Central and Paducah Tilghman at 5:00

and Paducah Tilghman facing Adali Stevenson at 7:15.

Saturday’s final day will include consolation games at 9:00, semi-final games at 11:15 and the championship at Elam Stadium at 1:30.

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