Demolition underway on former Martin Police Department, City Hall

 Demolition underway on former Martin Police Department, City Hall

After more than 60 years of serving Martin residents, the former Martin Police Department has been razed.

The building was demolished Friday afternoon in just a matter of minutes to make way for the new Martin Public library.

The facility has served residents for their municipal services including public works, codes enforcement, parks and recreation, a fire department, and of course a police department.

The building was expanded in the ’70s when the late Martin Fire Chief Buster Williams and fire fighters constructed a new fire department on the north end of the building.

Mayor Randy Brundige said it would take a while to clear all the debris.

Murphy Funeral home owner David Murphy said he remembered when he others helped to dig the footers for the building in 1957. He also said the street in front of the old city hall was extended to the railroad to make way for University Street to extend to the railroad connecting it to Central Street.

The City will have the lot cleared in time for the Soybean Festival where the lot will be used for the event.

The building that once housed the Martin Police Department and Martin City Hall is now just a pile of bricks.

Demolition began Friday on the old building.

The lot won’t stay empty long, however, as construction is expected to begin this fall on the new multi-million dollar Martin Public Library.