Fourth former Tiptonville correctional officer pleads guilty in inmate assault

 Fourth former Tiptonville correctional officer pleads guilty in inmate assault

The fourth former corrections officer accused in the beating of an inmate at the correctional complex in Tiptonville pleaded guilty to the assault Wednesday.

21-year-old Cadie McAlister appeared in Memphis federal court and pleaded guilty to a federal offense and admitted concealing other correctional officers’ assault of the inmate.

McAlister admitted that on February 1st of this year, she and other correctional officers at the Northwest Correctional Complex in Tiptonville, went to the cell of an inmate in the mental health unit where she saw a correctional officer cover the surveillance camera with his hand.

McAlister said she watched an officer repeatedly hit the inmate without any lawful justification, and that another officer asked her to get paper towels.

When McAlister brought the paper towels back to the cell, an officer wet the towels, which were then placed over the camera.

McAlister was responsible for regularly updating the logbook in the mental health unit during her shift. However, according to court records, she failed to document all the events that took place in that incident.

McAlister admitted to violating U.S. Code by failing to notify authorities of a federal felony and taking an affirmative step to conceal the felony. The maximum penalty is three years in federal prison.

Previously, former correctional officers Nathaniel Griffin, Tanner Penwell, and Carl Spurlin Jr., entered guilty pleas for criminal offenses in the assault.