Gleason Board clarifies city’s dog ordinance

 Gleason Board clarifies city’s dog ordinance

The Gleason City Board voted Thursday night to clarify the city’s dog ordinance.

The clarification was suggested by Police Chief Paul Eddlemon, who told the board there was some confusion over the city’s current dog ordinance on what dogs “at large” meant.

Eddlemon suggested an update to the current ordinance for better clarification.

The board passed the updated ordinance 4-1, with Mayor Diane Pool, and Aldermen Jim Phelps, Doug Johnson, and Bubba Dunn voting in favor, with Alderman Keith Radford voting against.

In other business, Chief Eddlemon announced the Gleason Police Department has acquired a new K9 named “Maverick”, who is currently training with Officer Jacob Howington.

Chief Eddlemon also introduced new officer Ben Burnett, of Union City, and said the police department is now fully-staffed.