Greenfield community contributes more than $10k in school supplies

 Greenfield community contributes more than $10k in school supplies
(from left) Jerica Spikes and Callie Smithson represented the city as more than $10,000 in supplies were delivered to Greenfield School on Thursday. Administrators Willie Trevathan, Jeff Cupples, and Jamie Doster gratefully received the materials. Mayor Cindy McAdams (far right) is committed to increasing the numbers of students receiving the supplies next year.
City workers Brad Goodlow, Tony Stout and Jerry Weddington helped deliver the materials that will ensure 210 students have what they need to start school August 5. Jerica Spikes, Mayor Cindy McAdams and Callie Smithson made the calls to enlist the contributions from churches and businesses.

When K-5th grade students arrive at Greenfield School August 5th, they will find that the community of Greenfield has prepared the way for a successful 2019-2020 school year. Every student will receive the necessary supplies to begin the year, courtesy of an effort initiated by City Clerk Jerica Spikes and supported by City Recorder Callie Smithson and Mayor Cindy McAdams with help from churches and businesses.

Weakley County Schools Communications Director Karen Campbell says the estimated value of providing the paper, pens, and other materials for the 210 students is more than $10,000 and was made possible by donations from the City of Greenfield, Greenfield Banking Company and the city’s Church of Christ, First Presbyterian, First Baptist Church, Bethel Baptist, and United Methodist churches.

When asked how the city had responded, Spikes, Smithson, and McAdams said they were impressed with the speed of the response – commitments for each grade were made within in two days – and the generosity.

Mayor McAdams believes next year they can add sixth, seventh, and eighth grades.