Holt hosts town hall on ESA legislation

76th District State Representative Andy Holt of Dresden hosted a nearly six-hour-long town hall meeting Saturday afternoon in Martin to hear comments regarding the Education Savings Account legislation currently making its way through the General Assembly.

If approved, certain families in low-performing school districts would be allowed to use up to $7,300 dollars in public funds to pay for private tuition, school supplies, and other expenses.

Public educators from Weakley, Obion, Henry, Carroll, Chester, and even Robertson counties attended the town hall to voice their opposition to the legislation.

Two attendees associated with Central Christian Academy in Martin spoke in favor of the bill.

Holt said there different versions of the bill currently going through the House and Senate committees, with the next vote on the bill coming up Tuesday.

Holt said the current legislation would not currently effect local counties, but rather four specific larger school systems in the state.