Huntingdon Police warn of new scam

The Huntingdon Police Department is warning area residents of a new scam.

Public Safety Director Walter Smothers says a young couple was searching online for a home to rent in the Jackson area and contacted a man about one.

The man told the couple someone else was interested in the home and if they wanted it, to wire $500 dollars to his bank.

Upon receiving the money, the man asked them to put up another $500 dollars as a security deposit.

Smothers says the couple later learned the man didn’t own the home and the photos he used in the online ad had been copied from a real estate website.

Smothers advises that if you’re renting or buying property, to ask to go and inspect it yourself before any money is paid.

Another safeguard is to check public records to see if the person you’re dealing with is registered as the owner of the property and to be wary of any person asking you to transfer money to a bank account that is far away.