Lipscomb, UT Martin partner for Rural Leadership Scholars Program

 Lipscomb, UT Martin partner for Rural Leadership Scholars Program

Lipscomb University and UT Martin are partnering to launch a new Rural Leadership Scholars Program designed to develop leaders across Tennessee with a particular focus on those from the state’s 70 rural counties as investment in leadership development and education in the state.

UT Martin Chancellor Dr. Keith Carver said, “When I think about this collaboration and what UT Martin is doing in the 21 rural counties in and around west Tennessee and what Lipscomb is doing in terms of leadership, service, and advocacy with the curriculum and this program; the merger of these two programs where we take academic study of leadership applying it, it’s taking two great things and making a beautiful partnership. We’re extremely excited about this and to see the impact that this will have.”

As part of the partnership, students earn their undergraduate degree at UT Martin and a Master of Arts degree in leadership and public service from Lipscomb University’s College of Leadership & Public Service. Students who agree to return to an officially designated rural community in Tennessee after completing their education will receive support and scholarships that will greatly reduce the cost of the last two years of the undergraduate degree as well as the master’s degree.

A select group of students from UT Martin will complete their undergraduate education at UT Martin and then complete a Master of Arts in Leadership and Public Service at Lipscomb University with an emphasis in rural initiatives.

The first cohort of students will enter the Master of Arts program at Lipscomb in fall 2020.