Martin ambulance service a month away

 Martin ambulance service a month away

The City of Martin’s ambulance service is one month away from its official start date.

On August 10th, the Martin Fire Department will be the exclusive primary ambulance service provider in the city limits of Martin.

Last month, the Martin City Board unanimously voted for the city to start its own ambulance service after the Martin Fire Department was required to respond to at least eighteen calls for emergency assistance since January 1st due to the delayed response from the Weakley County Ambulance Service.

Martin Fire Chief Jamie Summers says the city’s new ambulances will be delivered to Martin in the next couple of weeks and will be equipped with lots of features.

Chief Summers says when the ambulances arrive by the end of this month, they’ll be stocked and inspected before being put into service on August 10th.

The ambulances will be based at Fire Stations 1 and 3.