10 Year Old Male Snowshoe cat missing from Marshall Street in Martin. He was wearing a flea collar, is why with new people and answers to the name JoJo. If you’ve seen him, call 815-666-8137.

Male gray and white cat, weighs 15 lbs. Missing from Cleveland St. in Martin. His name is Little Kitty Boy. If you’ve see him call 731-819-4205.

Lab/Pit Mix

Her name is Annie, she is a black lab/pitbull mix missing from Martin. If you’ve seen her, call 731-819-1156

Pastel Calico Female 

recently spayed, age 8 or 9 months. Missing from South McCombs area in Martin since Thursday night, March 2nd. She was wearing a new neon green collar with a bell.

Long Haired Chihuahua

Missing from N. Lindell St. In Martin. She is foxy and black with white on her chest. She is blind in her left eyes. If you’ve seen her call 731-223-1645

Male Brindle Boxer

Missing from the intersection of of Mt. Vernon Rd. and N. Durham Aven just north of Sharon. He is eleven months old and was last wearing a blue collar. There is a reward for his safe return. If you think you’ve seen him, call 731- 514-3356



Young Male pit bull found in the Shafter community of Greenfield. He is very friendly and dusty gray in color. He is not neutered. If you’re the owner, call to claim him at 731-514-7083.

Anatolian Shepherd found on Lee Rd. in the Hyndsver Community. Call to identify and claime at 731-819-4211.

Ben was found in Union City. He is a brown lab mix puppy with white around the muzzle. If you’re the owner, call to claim him at 731-885-7011.

Male German Shepherd found in Dukedom Area. Tan and black with a light blue collar. Call to claim him at 731-636-1891.

Long Hair Dog

A Big Gray and While Long Haired Dog. Looks like a St. Bernard. Found on Burney Powers Road in Martin. Calls 731-588-5658 to Claim Him.


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    Black Lab Shepard Mix

    1 yr old black lab shepherd mix, white goatee, blue collar, 80 lbs, comes to whistle, name America. She is my therapy dog. Found sister and other dog between Mack’s grove church and Palmersville.

    If you seen her, call 731-364-3441.