Hard storms and strong winds left thousands of homes and businesses without power Saturday night and into Sunday.

Approximately 6,000 Gibson Electric customers were without power. The outages included Crocket, Gibson, Dyer and Obion County as well as Carlisle, Fulton, Graves and Hickman Counties.


Meanwhile several thousand WCMES customers were also without power over night…Outages included Latham, Palmersville, Dukedom, Dresden along with Martin, Greenfield, Gleason, South Fulton and Bradford where customers were left in the dark.   WCMES reports they were working on isolated outages Sunday.

High winds caused power lines and some poles to come down during the late night storm. Tornado warnings for a portion of the area were sent by the weather service Saturday night.


Repairs may take a while as both WCMES and GEMC are working to get all customers back on line.

Robert Leyhue