Private fundraising for new Martin Public Library entering final phase

 Private fundraising for new Martin Public Library entering final phase

After a fast start, with several large donations, the efforts of the Martin Library Foundation to collect $1.5 million have entered the final phase.

The Foundation has raised about $1.21 million and needs to raise an additional $290,000 to reach the goal.  The Rural Development Loans and Grants obtained by the city for the library requires private fundraising support of $1.5 million.

Nick Dunagan, President of the Library Foundation, said, “I’m confident we’ll achieve our goal because there is great support for the new library. But, we need to do better job of informing people about our needs.  To date, our fundraising work has focused on a limited number of personal contacts through our Foundation Board members. Starting in March, we are broadening our fundraising outreach with a media appeal.  We call it our “Wrap-It-Up Campaign” which I hope will motivate many others to contribute.”

So far, the library has received donations from about 350 people and businesses totaling $1.21 million.  There have been 122 gifts of $1,000 or greater and 6 gifts of $50,000 or more.  “People have been very generous”, Dunagan noted.

Dunagan added, “We’ve had to overcome some thinking that libraries are antiquated because of the internet. That’s simply not true.  Modern libraries are so much more than books and reading.“

A modern library serves as the “center of the community” because it’s the place where so many go to learn and connect.  Naturally, the library has a great focus on children and offers many programs to enhance their reading skills, broaden their knowledge and participate in the arts through a multitude of after-school programs.

The library is also a center of learning for adults with classes about languages, cooking, painting, genealogy, video editing, music and much more.

The new library will offer much improved facilities for community groups and events through more and larger meeting rooms.

Dunagan concluded, “The new library will bring many, many benefits to the Martin community, much more than are possible with our current library.  The Mayor and the Board of Alderman understand this and that’s why they made this long-term commitment to build a new library…and that’s why 350 people have already given $1.21 million.  Over the next few months, we hope to help more people understand this and raise the additional $290,000. All contributions will be very much appreciated.”

Contributions to the library can be made by mailing a check made to Martin Library Foundation to 100 Main St, Martin or contribute online at