Tennessee gas prices down five cents

 Tennessee gas prices down five cents

The Tennessee gas price average dropped five cents this week amid concerns about the coronavirus and crude oil prices hitting a four-year low.

The state gas price average is now $2.16, with Tennessee boasting the 10th least expensive market in the nation.

Locally, Obion County has the second cheapest average gas price in the state at $1.99, just below Bradley County’s average of $1.98.

Henry County’s average price per-gallon is at $2.02, Weakley County is at $2.06, Carroll County is at $2.10, and Gibson County is paying an average of $2.19 per gallon.

AAA spokesperson Megan Cooper says generally, growing demand amid declining stocks causes increases at the pump, but crude oil prices have dipped to four-year lows, signaling spring could be cheaper at the pump.