Tennessee pump prices continue to drop

 Tennessee pump prices continue to drop

Tennessee drivers are continuing to pay less at the gas pump.

The state average gas price is $2.48 per gallon making it the seventh lowest average in the nation.

Henry County continues to have some of the cheapest average gas prices in the state at $2.36 per gallon, with Carroll and Obion Counties both averaging $2.43 per gallon.

Gibson County motorists are paying an average of $2.45 per gallon, with Weakley County averaging $2.49 per gallon.

AAA spokesperson Jeanette Casselano says there are no signs of pump prices changing gears toward more expensive for the summer season.

Miss Casselano says one major indicator supporting this forecast is the price of crude oil dropped six dollars to $53 dollars a barrel, one of the lowest prices of the year.